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Syringe Filters and Prefiltration

When working with substances that are especially viscous, prefiltration is an option for syringe filters. Opting for prefiltration in a syringe filter is an excellent choice when working with a more hard to filter or particularly thick substance. 

Here at Tisch Scientific we have a wide variety of syringe filters with prefiltration to suit you and your team’s every need. This guide is to help you understand this process and your options better.

How Do You Choose the Correct Syringe Filter?

A syringe filter is a single-use membrane based filter used to remove impurities from a substance before analysis. The filter catches these impurities and removes them from the sample.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a syringe filter for your application. So how do you know which syringe filter is right for your application? We have helpful guides for chemical compatibility and a guide to filter media selection.

If your application requires prefiltration we have a wide variety of syringe filters with prefiltration

All About Pre-Filters

What exactly is a pre-filter? A pre-filter is an extra layer on a syringe filter that helps to filter out particles that wouldn’t be caught by standard filtration. Applications where a liquid sample is particularly thick or a large amount of contaminants need to be removed may call for prefiltration. If you know you need prefiltration for your application you may also be wondering what specifically you need to be looking for. 

Glass Fiber Pre-Filters

Glass fiber is a commonly used material for pre-filtration. Glass fiber pre-filters and glass microfiber pre-filters are ideal for hard to filter substances with a high volume of solids. Glass fiber pre-filters come in various grades to fit different purposes. You can find more about them here.

Multi-Layer Pre-Filters

Many pre-filters are fitted with multiple layers to filter out even the hardest to filter solutions. The various layers allow for more particles to be caught and kept out of the sample. 

Disk Filters

Our disk filters are a high volume option for syringe filters. These durable, efficient, and affordable options are ideal for all of your high filtration needs.

Prefiltration is necessary when working with a highly viscous solution or in the case of needed to filter out a high volume of contaminants. Whatever the nature of your work we have a filter to fit your needs. 

You can find all of our syringe filters fitted with pre-filters here

Still Have Questions?

Are you worried that you still have questions or concerns about our syringe filters and prefiltration? Don’t worry, we can still help you!

Tisch Scientific also offers free product samples so that you can run a test on the filter before committing to purchase. Samples will be shipped within one business day. On all of our product pages there is a helpful “order a sample” button.

Our customer service team is also happy to help guide you. Whether you have questions, need more information on distributors, or are curious about returns. They are here to help with whatever it is that you may need. 

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