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Seed testing involves a number of procedures with certified and trained analysts working on them to determine the quality of seeds that are to be dispatched for selling. While there are several equipment used for testing, including the filter papers designed specifically for testing of seeds.

And this is what Tisch Scientific specializes in under its specialty category of Whatman seed testing papers. Take a quick look at what goes on in testing of seeds and what role do filter papers play in the same.

Seed Testing Procedures

Sampling: The first step involves that of taking samples which should be exact representatives of the larger bulk of seeds. The International Seed Testing Association gives out certain proved and standardized procedures for sampling of seeds. This step makes the use of triers which are essential seed sampling instruments capable of extracting seeds from heaps and containers.

Seed Purity: The next step entails that of testing the physical purity of seeds. For this the seed sample is divided into crop seeds, inert matter, pure seed and weed seeds. At this stage blower and varied sizes of screens are used for analyzing purity.

Germination Testing: Germination tests comprise the most important part of the whole seed testing procedures. For this a cabinet or room under controlled temperature is required. The factors determining healthy germination are the health of the seedlings along with the roots and plumule. It is at this stage that seed testing papers are used.

Characteristics of the Filter Papers

Tisch Scientific Inc., possesses a vast repertoire of Whatman filter papers for seed testing purposes. The material used for making these special quality filtration papers is cellulose in its purest form and does away with presence of any additives or any substance which can hinder the growth of the seeds. It is the immaculate purity of the seeds which lends the procedures highly reliable results.

Whatman seed testing papers possess clear color contrasting attributes which accounts for better evaluation of seeds especially those with fine rootlets which can be seen under artificial light. Such clarity in evaluation process helps save time and efforts, while guaranteeing results. The dyes used in the papers are thoroughly tested to ensure zero influence on seed growth. The papers also feature a continuous water absorption which meets the constant need of water during testing.

Why Tisch Scietific?

Tisch Scientific with its valuable 33 years of experience in offering immaculate microfiltration solutions for industrial and medical needs excels in customer service both prior to and post purchasing.

All our seed testing papers come with a limited warranty of one year while you can enjoy fabulous discounts on its already low prices when buying in bulk.

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