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Ashless Filter Papers

The purity of results plays an important role in all important industries that heavily depend on chromatography for their brand value as well as quality. In view of this, various filtration devices and aids have been designed to get the best results. Some of these, such as ashless filter papers, are ideal in scenarios where you would like to get better results in less time.

These filter aids can be used along with other filtration devices such as filter papers, and are not restricted by filtration levels, types or solvents. They are basically quantitative in nature and are used in areas where analytical filtering is required. They can be used for initial separation or further down the chromatography process for more minute and rigorous filtration systems.

Uses of Ashless Filter Papers

These filter aids are especially useful in cases where there is a requirement to enhance filtration speed while also ensuring high levels of purity. These aids coagulate suspensions or precipitates on top of normal filter paper to form a thick retentive ‘prefilter’ layer, which can further be processed or removed.

Ashless filter papers are easily dispersible, and are therefore effective with different types of filtration tools and filter papers. They are also useful in the preparation of solvents for laboratory analysis and study.

Areas of Application

Using these filter aids is especially beneficial when there is a requirement for quick and precise filtration. The purity of these powders is similar to that of ashless quantitative papers with a minimum ash content of 0.015%.

Areas of application of these filter aids extend across industries in any area where there is a need for filtration and purification of solvents of any kind. They are a must-have for any industrial or laboratory process that requires high precision results in an efficient manner and in a relatively quick time.

Benefits of These Filter Aids

Ashless filter papers benefit virtually every industry that depends on the separation and filtration process. Apart from offering high levels of purity of samples, these aids also make the filtration process quicker and more efficient. They enable the handling of different types of solvents and bases. Used with varied types of filter papers, they can work with higher chemically inert solutions for better results.

The working of these filter aids results in the coagulation of precipitates and suspensions to a high level of precision. Traditional systems of separation required longer durations of time for the results that are offered by ashless filter papers. Contrary to earlier methods of precipitation and separation, these aids provide a more efficient solution ideal of the time-bound solutions required out of any industry.

Filter Aids for All Your Chromatography Needs

Maintaining high levels of purity and increasing efficiency in the entire process of chromatography is vital. At Tisch Scientific, we help you get these results with our wide range of ashless filter papers as well as other filtration products. Our products are second to none and bear the attestation of world leaders in the filtration industry for all areas of application.

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