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Buy PTFE Syringe Filters from our huge inventory and ship in one business day. Read more about PTFE applications to assure the correct product selection. In the process of research and study, it is vital that you have access to the right microfiltration products that can complement your work and enhance the quality of it. Various filtration products can be chosen based on the type of research project you are involved with. For example, a PTFE syringe filter can be chosen for superior filtration efficiency in any segment. These syringe filters are designed to handle samples and solvents that might corrode other filters and which need greater precision and purity. They offer high performance filtration through their application-focused design, and can be used in varying industries that deal with organic-based samples.

Application of a Polytetraflouroethylene Syringe Filter

If the products and samples that you are using are highly acidic, non-aqueous solvents or those used in chemical etching, using a Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) syringe filter to handle them is ideal. Since this type of syringe filter is highly chemically inert, they remain undamaged even when handling very powerfully acidic samples. They are usually single use filters that will help you handle acidic samples with ease in the process of filtration. Based on the type of pre-filter used, a PTFE syringe filter can be used for aggressive solvents, aerosol sampling, degassing solvents, venting applications, and to filter organic-based HPLC. This syringe filter comes incorporated with a variety of different filter membranes and has broad chemical compatibility and offer strong chemical stability and inertia. Volumes and filtration precision varies depending on the pore size of the membranes and the holdup volumes.   If your research or study involves the separation and filtration of aggressive samples, these filter syringes are the right choice to handle the job. They are also beneficial in vacuum pump line protection and they have high absorption and retention capability. Owing to these reasons, these syringe filters are used for heavy duty experiments that require greater precision and purity, both in lab scenarios as well as industrial applications.

Components of A PTFE Syringe Filter

These syringe filters typically have filter media of hydrophobic PTFE and are housed in glass-reinforced polypropylene. For higher filtering precision, some of these syringe filters come with a male Luer slip outlet and a female Luer lock inlet. Designed to give your research the highest levels of purity and performance a PTFE syringe filter is gas-sterilizable, non-sterile or autoclavable. Polytetraflouroethylene syringe filters are incorporated with different types of membranes so as to offer the highest levels of separation and purification. Each unit usually contains two pre-filters that allow difficult or highly aggressive samples to be easily filtered without causing any corrosion of the unit. They are designed in a way that requires minimum manual efforts.

Opting For the Right PTFE Syringe Filter

Tisch Scientific has the best microfiltration products in the market and works with the best names in this field. Choose your PTFE syringe filterfrom our wide range of quality lab products. When you opt for the best filtration products, you stand to benefit your research, the end result of your study as well as the numerous people towards whom your research is aimed.

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