Polypropylene Syringe Filters

Buy polypropylene syringe filters from our extensive inventory knowing exactly what you need. PP syringe filters are designed for aqueous or organic solutions that have polypropylene syringe filterhigh levels of debris and for difficult-to-filter solutions.

Why buy this syringe filters?

A polypropylene membrane is a hydrophilic membrane that exhibits a wide range of chemical compatibility to organic solvents. These filters are a versatile, cost effective option with a long list of chemical resistances such as acids, bases, alcohols and esters. In addition to being highly solvent resistant, PP filters are a low non-specific adsorbing material, which gives you max protein recovery for critical analysis.

Applications for PP syringe filters

There are many applications for PP syringe syringe filters. Here are just a few. If you want to know more about whether or not this is the right product for your application, just call we can help you decide.

  • HPLC samples
  • Low volume samples
  • Cell culture samples
  • Protein analysis by chromatography
  • Biological sample filtration.
  • UV/Vis samples

What’s the chemical compatibility of a PP membrane?

PP membranes are resistant against these chemicals and more. For a more complete list of chemical compatibility (and incompatibility), see our chemical compatibility guide.

  • Acetic Acid, 5%
  • Acetic Acid, Glacial
  • Acetone
  • Acetonitrile
  • Ammonia, 6N
  • Amyl Acetate
  • Amyl Alcohol
  • Benzyl Alcohol (short term)
  • Boric Acid
  • Cyclohexanone
  • Cresol
  • Cyclohexane
  • Diethyl Acetamide
  • Dimethyl Formamide
  • Dioxane
  • DMSO
  • Ethanol
  • Ethers
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Formaldahyde
  • Freon TF
  • Formic Acid
  • Hexane
  • Isobutyl Alcohol
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Methanol
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone
  • Nitrobenzene (short term)
  • Pentane
  • Perchloro Ethylene
  • Pyridine
  • Phenol 0.5%
  • Sodium Hydroxide, 6N
  • Trichloroethane (short term)
  • Trichloroethylene (short term)
  • Water

Why Buy Tisch PP syringe filters?

Our filters are durable, high quality and offer consistency across manufacturing lots. You’ll find this standard across all of our lure lock syringe filter lines. You have the choice between sterile and non-sterile PP syringe filters in a variety of sizes.

A trustworthy, reliable supply distributor helps you minimize mistakes and waste while maximizing your outcome. We’re one of the largest suppliers of cost effective syringe filters. Customers at research and commercial laboratories have trusted us to provide the highest quality materials at competitive prices since 1954.

We are also ISO9001 certified for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Why ordering with Tisch is so easy

We carry over 80% of Tisch brand products in stock at all times and ship from stock in one business day. Buy polypropylene filters online or call and we can help you find the right filter for your needs. OEM applications are also available. Simply call and ask about custom sizes, shapes, labeling, stocking, packaging and more.

Not sure you’re ordering the right item? Try live chat or our customer advocates can respond to your email in one business day maximum. If you’d like a sample, just let us know and we’ll get it for you. Helping you find exactly the right filter is our top priority.

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