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Nylon Syringe Filter


Nylon Syringe Filter

nylon syringe filter

Buy nylon syringe filters on line and ship from stock in one business day. Syringe filters are essential commodities in any type of scientific study. We have a huge array of options.
In order to assist research and study, more specific syringe filters such as nylon syringe filters are being widely lately. These syringe filters ensure extreme precision in your all important filtering process and bring in high level of purity into any application or area of research.

Why Use Syringe Filters?

Syringe filters are made up of a filter membrane that is attached to the end of a syringe, and are usually meant for a single use. They play a huge role in the filtration process, both, when drawing fluid into a syringe or when pushing it out of a syringe. Depending on the type of application for which it is needed, different types of filters are used to enhance the filtration process and provide better results.

There are different types of syringe filters that have gained wide acclaim. Of these, nylon syringe filters have made quite a mark in the modern analytical industry and are great for testing aqueous samples or even organic samples, depending upon the type of filter used as well as the combination of membranes that the entire filter system uses along with the main component nylon.

Types of Nylon Syringe Filters

The flow characteristics of nylon are exceptionally great in aqueous samples, and as a result, different variants of nylon filters have been used as syringe filters. Nylon has the ability to satisfy the most rigorous analytical needs. As it is naturally high protein binding and hydrophilic, along with having intense dirt loading capacity, nylon’s physical parameters have won it wide acclaim in syringe filters.

You can choose between sterile and non sterile nylon syringe filters based upon your need. Sterile filters usually come individually wrapped, and you have a choice of different filter levels from which you can choose. They come in multiple layers to enhance filtration and in some cases are used in conjunction with other filters.

Non Sterile filters are also multi-layered in conjunction with other membranes for enhanced filtration. In most cases, nylon is the last filter membrane, the primary one, while other membranes play the role of pre-filters. You can make your choice of which combination of filters you require based upon the type of research and application in which you need to use it.

Based on the type of nylon syringe filters you choose, different weights of aqueous samples can be tested. When used in a polypropylene housing, they are perfect to filter aqueous or organic samples. On the whole, they offer wide chemical compatibility, excellent flow rates and absolute retention and are great for samples of this nature.

Making the Right Choice Nylon Syringe Filters

Being aware of the choices ahead in nylon syringe filters, you will no doubt wish to choose only from the best for your research. Consider some of the scientific syringe filters and filtering products from Tisch Scientific. These scientific filters are manufactured with extreme care, are of high quality, packaged perfectly and sold at competitive costs, perfect for any research or study.

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