Glass Fiber Syringe Filters

Glass Fiber Syringe FiltersBuy Glass Fiber Syringe Filters on  line and ship from stock in one business day but first be informed. Your research is important, not just to you, but also to the numerous people who will benefit from it. The right research tools are critical to ensure proper results and it is vital that you choose with care, down to the minutest detail. Syringes, for example, have different types of filters, and glass fiber syringe filters have been a preferred choice by many experts.

The right microfiltration products for lab sciences or any application needs can improve the precision of testing. In this regard, syringe filters are very important commodities. These are filter membranes that are attached to the end of a syringe for a single use, and the types of filters vary based upon the purpose of use.

They bring a high level of dependability and purity to all your applications, which is highly desirable in successful research and study.

What a Syringe Glass Fiber Filter Is


When the samples that are dealt with are viscous, glass fiber syringe filters are used to extend the life of the membranes that play a role in scientific experiments. In many cases, you might have samples that are hard to filter, and the filtering power needs an extra push. In cases like these, a glass fiber filter is perfect. There are a number of benefits that can be derived from using a syringe filter of this type.

Hard To Filter Samples Are Handled With Ease

In areas where scientific experiments are carried out on tissue culture, glass fiber syringe filters are of great use. The tissue culture media industry is rapidly expanding and there is ever increasing need to deal with huge quantities of particulate loads. Glass fiber filters are useful in handling these samples and throughput is maximized. Apart from this, these filters also remove particulate matter that interferes with UV/VIS spectro-photometric analysis.

Clogging Is Reduced

Throughput and flow rate is increased with these filters as they reduce clogging to a great extent. In hard to filter samples, the chances of clogging can be a major hindrance to the smooth working of any sort of research. When these syringe filters are used alone or even along with any other membrane filters, the extra push given causes the flow rate to increase, thereby reducing clogging.

Compatibility with Other Filters

Syringe filters of any sort are never always used alone for any research or in handling samples. In the case of glass fiber syringe filters, there is broader chemical compatibility with other types of filters and membranes. Used as a standalone syringe filter or as a series with other filters, this type of syringe filter can handle very huge throughputs and contains a high contamination loading ability for these throughputs.

Choosing the Best Glass Fiber Syringe Filters

Considering the many benefits of choosing glass fiber syringe filters, it is important that you choose the right product to help your research be a success. Take a look at some of the syringe filters that Tisch Scientific has to offer. With product ranges in sterile and non sterile forms, we have an unparalleled

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