Nylon Membranes

Nylon MembranesNylon Membranes act as great microfiltration medium for organic solvents as well as aqueous solutions. They are highly compatible with a number of biological preparations and can be handled with ease in usage. If you are searching for the highest quality of nylon membranes for your lab or research needs, Tisch Scientific can be your reliable partner for solving your microfiltration issues.

Characteristics of Nylon Membranes


Nylon Membrane

Nylon membrane filters are hydrophilic in nature and thus does away with wetting agents, which are obtained while undergoing filtration of aqueous solutions. They possess impeccable strength, are resistant to heat, wear and tear and are highly flexible. The hydrophilic nature of the membranes is due to the impregnation of polyester web along with nylon. They can be autoclaved at a temperature of 135 degree Celsius and can perform at a maximum of 180 Degree Celsius.

What are the Uses of Nylon Membranes

Nylon membrane filters are used widely in industries involving filtration of organic and aqueous mobile phases, microbiological media, tissue culture media solutions, buffers and vacuum degassing.

Of late nylon membrane filters have become coveted microfiltration medium for Nucleic Acid Applications. They are being extensively used for blotting optimization, a process which involves the transfer of electrophoretically estranged biomolecules upon a membrane substrate from agarose or polyacrylamide gel.

The choice of nylon membrane for nucleic acid hybridization has been arrived at after much deliberation by life scientists. The reason for it has been the essential durable and reprobing nature of nylon membrane unlike its nitrocellulose counterparts which are brittle and poses difficulty while reprobing.

Nylon membranes on the other hand are much more robust and have greater potential to brave the chemical changes and conditions arising during stripping of RNA or DNA probes. In fact, the use of the nylon varieties have depicted marked improvement in the performance and hybridization of nucleic acids.

Nylon Membrane Filter Products from Tisch

Tisch Scientific deals in an array of nylon membrane filters of high quality which come in variety of sizes. Thus you can choose from membranes as small as 13mm and 25mm to as wide as a 293mm nylon membrane.

Since we are accoutered with our own manufacturing unit and a well-managed distribution channel we ensure timely delivering top quality products at your doorstep. If you want any guidance on our nylon membranes, get in touch with our technicians who will suggest the right products according to your specific requirements.

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