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Membrane Filtration 101: Bubble Point

Knowing the bubble point of your membrane filter is extremely important for your work. But what is a bubble point? And how can you determine the bubble point of a membrane filter? We are here to answer all of those questions and provide you with the tools you need to effectively, sensibly, and safely do your work. 

What is a Bubble Point?

A Bubble Point of a membrane filter is the pressure at which air will pass through the filter when it is wetted. This pressure is related to the pore size of the membrane and so this pressure measurement can be used to determine both the pore size of the membrane and the integrity of the filter. 

Determining the Bubble Point of a Membrane Filter 

You can easily and effectively determine the bubble point of a membrane filter for the purposes of your work. A membrane filter needs to be wetted completely with at least 50 mL of test fluid and placed in a filter holder. Air pressure must be continually increased on the inlet side until air bubbles appear on the outlet side. Your bubble point is the pressure at which air passes through the wetted filter. 

With this information you can determine the filter media needed for your work, we have a helpful chart here to help you with that. 

A Wide World of Filter Options 

Here at Tisch Scientific we have a wide variety of filter options available to meet all the needs of your team’s work. 

Membrane Filters

Our membrane filters are the preferred choice for a variety of applications. Our filters offer higher flexibility and strength and accurately controlled pore size. 

Capsule Filters

Typical membrane filters are fragile, requiring extremely careful handling during usage. The membranes in our capsule filters are protected during handling. This makes them much more durable than a typical membrane filter. 

Syringe Filters

Here at Tisch Scientific we have a wide variety of syringe filters in various materials, diameters, and sterile and non sterile options. Our syringe filters are a high quality and budget friendly option for use in a variety of applications. 

Roll Stock Membrane 

We also have an extensive supply of roll stock membrane that can be laser cut to your exact specifications. Allowing us to do the laser cutting minimizing product waste.

If you still have questions about what the right choice is for you and your team our representatives are standing by ready to help you make the right choice. 

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