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Autoclave Sterilization and Membrane Filters

One of the factors in the many factors to consider when selecting a membrane filter is sterilization. The sterility of a membrane filter is a crucial factor to consider in your work. We offer a wide variety of sterile and non-sterile filters to suit you and your team’s applications. 

But what if you have one of our non-sterile membrane filters and you need a sterilized filter? Most of our non-sterile membrane filters can be sterilized by steam sterilization using an autoclave. But what is an autoclave? 

What is Autoclave Sterilization?

Autoclave sterilization is a process that can sterilize membrane filters via steam. An autoclave is a machine that kills bacteria, microorganisms, and other contaminants using steam. This process can be broken down into three different steps: conditioning, exposure, and drying. 

  1. Conditioning – during this stage steam moves through the chamber of the autoclave to displace the current air and temperature and prepare the chamber for the sterilization process. 
  1. Exposure – during this stage the exhaust valve is sealed so that the internal chamber can increase in pressure and temperature to reach ideal conditions for sterilization. During this stage the membrane filter is sterilized and microorganisms are eliminated. 
  1. Drying – during this stage the exhaust valve is released so that the steam can escape the chamber. Once the chamber reaches an ambient temperature the sterilization process is complete. 

This process allows a team to sterilize previously non-sterilized membrane filters via steam sterilization. This allows you and your team more flexibility with your tools. 

We offer non-sterile membrane filters and non-sterile syringe filters, both of which could be sterilized using the autoclave sterilization method. 

Sterile Membrane Filters vs. Non-Sterile Membrane Filters 

Why would you choose a sterile membrane filter or a non-sterile membrane filter? It is important to consider which is better for your application. 

Membrane filters are used to isolate or remove contaminants from a sample. 

A sterile membrane filter would be ideal in a circumstance where the sample needs to be kept clean from all contaminants. 

A non-sterile membrane filter would be ideal for general filtration or separation in a sample. Non-sterile membrane filters can serve more general uses and this makes them an ideal choice to have on hand for many uses. 

Whether you have a sterile or a non-sterile filter there is always the option of steam sterilization using an autoclave. 

Still Have Questions?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a membrane filter besides filter sterilization. We have helpful guides if  you have questions about the chemical compatibility of your membrane filter or need help deciding what media you want your filter to be made of.

We offer samples of membrane filters so you and your team can make a more educated decision on the tools needed for your work. 

Here at Tisch Scientific we also have a helpful customer service team willing to help guide you towards the best decision for you and your team. We are here to provide you all of the tools you need to make the best choice regarding membrane filter sterilization. 

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