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Filtration and separation play a crucial role in any industry and application that deems results and purity of high value. While the concept of separation might commonly be seen as a mechanism with liquid or solid samples, filtration and separation also plays an important role in air samples.

Air sampling filters and quartz filters therefore are important in air particulate analysis and separation.

Air filter paper is ideal when it comes to dealing with particulate matter in air as well as pollutants and aerosols. Designed to work with high performance air sampling equipment, these filters can get maximum performance out of separation and analysis of any type of air samples.

With number sheets being more convenient for easy identification, these glass microfiber filters are pure, efficient and highly precise with most samples and particulates.

Air Sampling Filters

The collection of atmospheric aerosols and particulates is made possible with air sampling filters. These filters are especially designed to handle high volumes. Prepared from pure borosilicate glass of special purity, these air sampling filters allow for detailed chemical analysis of trace pollutants. Their design also makes it possible for this analysis to be done with minimum interference or background.

Quartz Filters


Quartz Filters

These high-purity microfiber filters are used in more specific air sampling, such as in the cases of stacks, acidic gases, aerosols and flues. They work in high temperatures of up to 500 degrees centigrade.

Artifact products of nitrates and sulfates are virtually eliminated when quartz filters are used, because of the low level of alkaline earth metals. Since quartz filters are designed according to EPA standards, they can be used for most applications with perfect ease.

Benefits of Using Air Sampling Filters and Quartz Filters

With increased emphasis being placed on purity of all types of samples, there becomes an increased need to use the right devices to handle any type of separation and filtration. When it comes to air samples, choosing air sampling filters and quartz filters will help in precise collection of particulates and getting samples that suit the need of any experiment.

They are ideal for all industries that heavily depend on the purity of air samples as well as testing of particulates for further processing of samples.

In the fields of air pollution study, these filters play a vital role in understanding the chemical analysis of pollutants. Used in conjunction with PM-10 air sampling equipment, various binder-free glass microfiber grades could be used to handle different particulate matter.

Particle retention rating efficiency of air sampling filters and quartz filters has been set at 98%, making them highly precise in dealing with even sensitive matter.

Choosing the Right Air Sampling Filters and Quartz Filters Is Important

When it comes to your research and study, there is no compromise on the quality of tools chosen for your experiments or production. Choose from the best air sampling filters and quarts filters and laboratory tools at Tisch Scientific. We offer world class filtration devices for any application and industry, in partnership with global leaders in the fields of filtration and separation.

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