Polypropylene Membrane Filters


Polypropylene Membrane Filters
Buy PP membrane filters on line and ship from stock in one business day. PP membrane filters are made up of pure polypropylene with absolute pore size ratings and we have a large selection to choose from.

Owing to broad chemical compatibility, these are suitable to use with aqueous and organic solvent samples.Various biotechnological and chromatographic applications require right kind of filtration membranes to get the desired results. (PP) polypropylene membrane filters have been designed to provide accurate analysis and results for sensitive ion chromatography applications.

Features of Tisch Polypropylene Membrane Filters


The temperature tolerance equips PP membrane filters to remain unaffected by autoclaving. This makes the membranes autoclaved with 80 percent higher flow rates and throughput than autoclaved cellulosic membranes.

Highly Durable

The wear and tear of this device is negligible as its uniform strength is quite good. It is easy to handle and won’t break apart when handled manually or picked up by forceps.

Safe Disposal

PP ensures a safe disposal as it is a pure hydrocarbon material. No problem arises when disposing its halogen content in contrast with other hydrophobic membranes such as PVDF or PTFE.


These membranes don’t require pre-wetting or wetting with cytotoxic wetting agents that could be extracted.

Wide Chemical Compatibility

The biggest asset of these filters is the wide chemical compatibility with aqueous and organic solvents.

Highly Porous Membrane

PP membranes are highly porous and are therefore used in various biotechnological processes
At Tisch scientific filters, you can choose from an assortment of polypropylene membrane filters

  • 25mm PP Membrane Filter
  • 47mm PP Membrane Filter
  • 90mm PP Membrane Filter
  • 125mm PP Membrane Filter
  • 142mm PP Membrane Filter
  • 293mm PP Membrane Filter

Applications of Tisch Polypropylene Membrane Filters

  • Aqueous and Organic Solvent Filtration

PP membrane filters at Tisch are applicable with varied nature of aqueous and organic solvent samples. Compatibility with organic solvents makes these filters highly suitable for making HPLC mobile phase filtering and degassing.

  • Industrial Processes

As PP membrane filters exhibit hydrophobic nature, it is best suited for industrial processes such as gas filtration as well as automotive industry.

  • Photo-resist Production

PP membrane filters are suitable to use in photo-resist production as well as for application in the chemical processes.

  • Ion Chromatography

These filters have low extractable levels and provide consistent analysis for sensitive ion chromatography applications. These are also known to prolong column life.

  • Maximum Sample Recovery

These filters are essential in providing maximum sample recovery of small volume protein samples. This is due to the negligible protein binding property of the PP membrane filters.

  • Deep Filtration

This device is suitable for supporting cell growth, filtration of media and sterilization of tissue culture media.

Get in touch with one of our representatives at (513) 467-0222 to help you make a selection of polypropylene membrane filters, which fits your requirements. Browse through our website for choosing standardized products for scientific, industrial, and laboratory applications.

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